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RIP IDLEPIMPS 2001 - 2015
Posted By: ENVE
July 9, 2021, 3:00 pm

idlepimps was the source of many cherished teenage memories for a lot of people out there. friends were made, enemies were ganked, and fun was had.
since idlepimps creation in 2001, it held a niche market in the pimpgame community. not everyone could make it here, and that's what made it special.
the speed and cunning required to succeed was immense, and even if you had those things, you needed to have your wits about you because pimps are quick to want to see you fail.
idlepimps will always have a special place in the memory of a handful of people.
long live idlepimps!

but the story doesn't end there..
enter - the spiritual successor to the great idlepimps.
built in 2011, pimpageddon has the looks and playstyles of idlepimps while putting the community first.
pimpageddon was built by the same pimps that idlepimps made an important impression on.
if you loved idlepimps, come check out you might even see some familiar faces!
Welcome to Idlepimps - An Online Pimp Adventure

Idlepimps is totally free to play! Come on in and build your own pimping empire. Invite your friends into your gang or wipe them out with drive-bys!

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5. (#48) CHoaD RIDERontheSTORM
6. (#304) Wald0 LeTsFuCk
7. (#151) DreadlockPussy LeTsFuCk
8. (#228) HappyG Kidda
9. (#21) VirginJuice JuicyVirgins
10. (#102) rickyTICKYtimble RIDERontheSTORM
Game Clock: 07-09-21 15:00:00 pm CST
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